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 All of the images from this website and Mr. Gittings' books are available as stock photography. Email for a quote.

In New Mexico, Kirk Gittings is represented by Sara Smith Contemporary


All of the images from this website and Mr. Gittings books are available as fine art prints. All prints ordered online are matted and signed "Piezography" carbon/pigment ink prints. Piezography prints use artisan inksets developed by master printer Jon Cone. Piezography prints are known for their rich tonalities. These are the exact same prints of Mr. Gittings that are currently being collected by museums and knowledgeable private collectors.  In addition some of the black and white prints are also available in traditional silver gelatin prints. Write for more information on these "silver" prints. All prints, whether traditional silver or ink, come with a non-fade or discoloration guarantee.  If they fade or discolor during Mr. Gittings lifetime they will be replaced. Period. Prices listed below include shipping and handling. Kirk is an active supporter of Aardenburg Imaging and Archives, the leader in image permanence research.


Piezography-Archival Ink Print Price List:

    8"x10"    matted and signed  $400.00
   11"x14"   matted and signed $770.00
   16"x20"   matted and signed $1650.00
   20"x24"   matted and signed $2400.00







Note: Shipping is additional


Book/Video/Calender Price List:

CHACO BODY-softcover book signed, 88 pages, 26 duotone b&w photos, 9" x 10" $30.00
CHACO BODY-hardcover book signed, 88 pages, 26 duotone b&w photos, 9" x 10" $50.00
CHACO BODY-video, 1 hour, KNME/PBS production by Michael Kamens of the book. SOLD OUT $25.00
SHELTER FROM THE STORM-Retrospective hardcover book signed, 88 pages.  SOLD OUT $35.00

Note: Shipping is included

To order any of the prints, books, calenders or videos simply send an email with your request and shipping address. You will receive back a secure PayPal email payment form.